So after going through all my artwork and coming to the realisation that I drift from style to style, the time has come to settle on one and stick to it. Although I love the big bright images I’ve made for my children’s book, I know that they’re not exactly of a current and popular style, plus they take me ages to actually finish. So I’ve resolved to limit myself to a minimal colour palette and make sure I finish every image I start within a few hours, not days or weeks. So although this might be awesome……..Image


…it’s not something I can do in the blink of an eye. So now it’s time to strip things down to the bare essentials and start working with something like this…..



Yesterday I heard that back in the Deathstar (my former office), there was a huge technical problem causing massive disruption to the entire business. If I’d been present, there would have been claw marks on my desk as they would have dragged me onto the telephone to deflect the inevitable streams of abuse from the rage filled customers. Shame I missed it. I was stuck making jigsaw puzzles with my 2 year old nephew. Such a stressful ordeal!


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