Back from Denmark and had a lovely time in Skagen. We were lucky to see a ridiculously photogenic seal sunning himself on the beach point where the Baltic and North seas crash into each other.  Got to see the works of Peder Severin Krøyer, one of Denmark’s finest painters. This guy clearly knew what he was doing and the prints and images online of his work really don’t do them justice. Artists used to flock to Skagen for its wonderful light and this really shows in the paintings.  Krøyer’s use of lighting is certainly incredible. In the picture below the soft light on the footprints in the sand is pretty impressive, although it doesn’t really come across in the jpeg.


I was aware of his work before I went there, but didn’t know anything about the man himself. Charlotte informed me that his wife Marie was a pretty decent painter herself, but her darling husband used to throw her work out as he was ‘the artist’! Nice!

While I was there I made a great work contact with an old friend of mine who asked me to do some illustration for one of his clients. When I got home I was soon contacted by another old Dolgellau college buddy who wants to discuss possible work we could do together. So things are rolling!

A bit of Dr Who fan illustration. My brother keeps telling me that Dr Who is dumb. He is wrong!

A bit of Dr Who illustration. My brother keeps telling me that Dr Who is dumb. He’s dumb!

Also whipped up this little number yesterday. After my Denmark trip, I’m loving images with great lighting effects. Maybe I’ve been influenced by Krøyer. If Charlotte decides to quit singing and become a painter I’ll now have to start throwing her work out the window.

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