The ball starts rolling

After just a short time trying to launch myself as an illustrator I’ve started making a little progress. I’m getting inquiries from several people asking me to do work for them. So far it’s a variety of projects, including online magazines, book covers and graphic novels. I also hit the front page of the Imgur site twice with my illustrations. For anyone who doesn’t know, Imgur is a site that features the coolest, the funniest and the weirdest images on the internet. It runs on an upvote/downvote system so people either like your image or they don’t. Each upvote makes it more likely that visitors to the site will see it. The images need at least 200 upvotes to stand a chance of hitting the front page of the site, and I mine got over 3000. Not everybody votes as you can just lurk on the site and browse the images. So although I got 3000 upvotes, my pictures were viewed by over 200,000 people! So that was amazing and has led to a few sales of prints, lots of nice comments, and plenty of encouragement. 


(Not the image that did so well on Imgur, but I like his Alice in Wonderland image anyway)

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