Zbrush Power

I’m continually amazed by how amazing Zbrush is. Every update Pixologic releases seems to be a massive leap forward. I’m late to the party as I’m sure every other Zbrush user is well aware of the BPR filters, but I had no idea. What a muppet I was to be ignoring this amazing feature! While before I would have spent ages lighting a model just so, then exporting it to photoshop and working over it for hours, the BPR filters let me instantly add multiple effects, tints, hues, glows, noise, and many more. 

Just testing it out, I took an old model I made of Garth Nix’s “Sabriel” character and started playing. With just a little experimentation I quickly managed to create a really nice effect. This is likely going to change how I work significantly. 

Here’s my little test image. 


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