Data Beast begins to growl!

After a hell of a lot of work, the first book in the Data Beast series is soon to be published. “Bullies and the Beast” is the first adventure featuring two young friends who accidentally conjure up a their own personal monster. The series is aimed at young people who don’t necessarily like to read that much. Good news for an illustrator as the pictures obviously play a big role in trying to get them interested in the story.


DB Bullies cover-page-001

The book was written by Andrew Fusek Peters, the author of dozens of other books and graphic novels. See my earlier posts to hear a bit more about him.

Although book one is just coming out, three others will be hot on its heels. All the work is done, with finishing touches being applied to book four at this moment. With each book I was seeing a jump in the quality of my work as I was slaving away day and night. Book four is my favourite by far as it’s set mostly in the dark, allowing me the chance to do lots of dramatic shadows and lighting.

Hopefully the publisher is happy and will want to use me again. When people ask me what I do, it feels amazing to be able to say that I’m an illustrator. It usually causes an eyebrow to be raised or a smile to break out across the asker’s face. Much more so than when I used to say I worked in a bank.

Now I want to keep the ball rolling and land my next big job.


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