Fortress of Solitude

A few weeks ago the “Fatman on Batman” Kev Smith inspired me to try my hand at a Batman illustration and I came up with my Batcave seen below. Mr Smith apparently saw my tweet about him and was kind enough to hit me back. In his last podcast he was chatting about Twitter and said he “hit back an artist the other day.” No idea if that was me, but I choose to believe it was! Thanks Fatman! Gave me buzz!

all star superman flat



I thought I’d follow it up with a Superman image, this time focussing on the environment instead of the character. It’s kind of inspired by Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman. It didn’t turn out exactly how I planned, but it’s still not a bad effort. I like to think it looks like a piece of concept art for the movie that never was.

What should I do next? Maybe Billy Batson arriving at the Rock of Eternity for the first time before he becomes Captain Marvel! Shazam!


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