Out of Time

The ‘Out of Time’ enhanced graphic novel is picking up steam and more people are joining the team. We’ve now got Brian Philips on board as our Unity developer, so he’s the guy who’s going to be adding the cool special effects to the comic panels. I’m a huge Bladerunner fan, so pretty much every scene in Out of Time is drenched with Bladerunner-esqe rain that Brain will be creating with the Unity engine.

We’ve also got Jessica Haeckell working on marketing and web design, but even more interestingly she’s also going to be the real life basis for one of our characters. Jess is a musician, artist, costume designer and all around creator. So when Don suggested she literally step into the comic, she jumped at it.

I now have the daunting task of capturing her likeness and putting her into the comic. Jess is excited to make a real life representation of Millenia’s suit, so she can cosplay as the character during the first issue launch at the Phoenix Arizon Comic Con.

door metalbase interior flat

The art seems to be improving with each panel and everyone seems to be really excited about the project. Add to all this the relentless plotting and scheming of Don Christoff, and his determination to use every marketing trick in the book, and I’m sure we’re going to have a successful outcome.

Don just dropped a bomb on me and announced that he’s landed us the rights to use a Hawkwind song on the soundtrack. It took a while as the band were on tour in Europe and had to give permission, but now they’ve given the project the thumbs up!

I’m very impressed with how Don seems totally fearless when it comes to self promotion. I’ve always been caught in that trap of having some talent, but being rather shy and humble about it! Not a great trait in a professional artist. So working with Don has been a real masterclass in beating my own drum. If I don’t do it, who will?

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