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Dangerous Children

Having a great year so far on the illustration front. I’ve been working on an amazing project with author Mark Morrow. Mark is putting together an amazing graphic novel adaptation of his novel “Dangerous Children”, a tale of interdimensional travel, cyborg teenagers, robotic rhinos, and wall climbing jet cycles. So plenty of scope for an illustrator like me! ruler1-001 It’s a really collaborative experience as I’ve been working with Dennis Fallon and his team of story board artists, and Shari Wickstrom who provided concept art. My job is to provide the final artwork for the whole novel.

evidence botThe project also has some ties with LucasFilm and Star Wars veteran Gary Rydstrom who’s been offering guidance and feedback on the project.swoop It’s all going really well so far!



Being a digital artist is pretty great, but in one area it’s annoying. Not to be too mercenary, but one of the most lucrative parts of being an artist is the sale of originals. And when all your work is created in a digital space then best you can hope for is a limited edition print. But somehow even that doesn’t have the same feel as an original where you can see all the brushstrokes and imagine how the artist once stood before that very canvas just as you’re standing there now.

So I decided to find out if I still have the artistic chops to make something without the help of Photoshop, Zbrush or Painter. Just plain paper, pencils and an eraser. I thought I’d use one of my own digital images as a springboard and kind of do a retroactive original of my Mad Hatter picture.

Here goes…




Taking shape…


Hmmm…starting to enjoy myself.


Ok, not too bad for a first attempt. I haven’t touched a pencil in about 4 years, so I’m fairly happy. I’ll keep at it and see if I can resurrect the old skills. So you never know, you might be able to pick up one of my originals some time soon. This one is destined for the States, going to my friend Suzanne. She made me a wooly hat recently, so it’s only fair that she gets the Hatter!


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